Centro S. Elisabetta

    Parma  International School of Theoretical  Physics

 September 8 - 13, 2008

Parma, Italy 

The III Parma International School of Theoretical Physics will be held on the University Campus from September 8 to 13, 2008. The aim of this year's School is to present a wide panorama of current research in Theoretical Physics: Quantum Fields and Strings, Gravitation, Biology and Supercomputing. World leading scientists in their respective domains will give an authoritative introduction to what are considered as the most promising ideas and research activities in various directions. This is meant to positively contribute to broaden our view of science in an era of super specialization.  It is assumed that participants have already received a specific training in Quantum Field Theory and Theoretical Particle Physics. The School consists of academic lectures and discussion sessions. There will be plenty of time for other activities in the Campus of Parma University, sports, culture, sightseeing.

  • The School  is open to students from all countries.
  • Official language will be English.
  • The number of participants will be limited to 60.
  • There are no participation fees, but the participants must cover their travel and lodging expenses.
  • A limited amount of rooms will be available at the Residence S. Ilario, which can be contacted using the Application Form below.
  • A limited financial support will be granted to students who need it, on a first-come-first-served basis: you may be eligible to financial support if you do not have any possibility of support from your home institution - this should be mentioned in the application.


Current trends in Theoretical Physics

Thibault Damour       (IHES, Bures–s/–Yvette)
Gravitation and Cosmology
Lect.1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Roberto DePietri       (Università di Parma )
Introduction to Numerical Relativity
Lect.1 - 2
Michelangelo Mangano     (CERN)
Physics at the LHC
Lect.1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Gian Carlo Rossi         (Università di Roma II)
Modeling biological systems:  a case for numerical simulation
slides 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 ppt - 7 ppt animation archivio
Hubert Simma   (Università di Milano Bicocca)
    Theoretical Physics on Supercomputers
slides 1 - 2 - 3
Matthias Staudacher   (AEI, Potsdam)
Integrability and the AdS/CFT correspondence
Gabriele Veneziano   (CERN and Collège de France)
Probing classical and quantum gravity  by gedanken experiments
Lect.1 - 2 - 3


List of Participants

Arrival info

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Residenza S. Ilario
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University Campus 

Parma wide view

Tourist info about Parma

bus service in Parma (in Italian, look for 'Orari e Linee' - campus lines are 7, 14, 21)

Hikes on  the Appennini: Sunday, September 9 (the range of Monte Matto - Monte Aquila), easy, requires boots and light protection against showers.
Orient yourself:  The province of Parma

  Parco dei Cento laghi 

Detailed Map  of the Appennini hike
(courtesy of "Parco del Gigante, Appennino reggiano, parmense e Lunigiana", Edizioni Multigraphic, Firenze)
And the same region from the satellite.

Organization and further information
Liliana Superchi
Dipartimento di Fisica - Università degli Studi di Parma
Via G.P. Usberti  - 43100 Parma
Tel: +39 0521 905259 - Fax: +39 0521 905223 

Scientific board: 
R. Barbieri (SNS, Pisa), A.  Bassetto  (Padova), F. Feruglio (Padova)
 M. Mangano (CERN),  G.  Marchesini  (Milano Bicocca, chairman),  P.  Menotti  (Pisa)
F.  Nicodemi  (Napoli), G.  Ridolfi  (Genova), G.  Veneziano  (CERN)
Local Organizing Committee

E. Onofri  (Director of the School),
M. Bonini (attaché), 
L. Superchi  (secretariat)

Financial support from the following Institutions is gratefully acknoledged

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

Università di Parma

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