Parma  International School of Theoretical  Physics

August 30 - September 4, 2010

Parma, Italy 

The  5th Parma International School of Theoretical Physics  took place on the University Campus of the University of  Parma
from August 30  to September 4, 2010.

This page will be kept active to give access to the proceedings
  • The School  is open to students from all countries.
  • Official language is English.
  • The number of participants is limited to 60.
  • There are no participation fees, but the participants must cover their travel and lodging expenses.

     Homage to Nicola Cabibbo
On August 16, 2010 Nicola Cabibbo passed away. This is a great loss for Theoretical Physics.
This year's school will be dedicated to Him

Special Seminar
Friday September 3, 4pm
G. Isidori (INFN, Lab. Naz. Frascati)
Nicola Cabibbo: his scientific legacy and some personal recollections


2010 Program

New trends in Cosmology, Particle Physics and
  Gauge-Gravity Duality


John McGreevy         (MIT)

Yaron Oz                      (Tel-Aviv University)

Antonio Riotto         (INFN-Padova and CERN)

Neal Weiner             (NYU)

Alberto Zaffaroni   (Milano-Bicocca Univ.)

Program and documentation

 Introduction to gauge/gravity duality
Holographic Applications to Hydrodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics
The Standard Cosmological Model
Dark Matter and Particle Physics

Special Seminar on Cosmology
Claudio Destri
Università di Milano-Bicocca
Fast–roll eras, primordial fluctuations and the lowest CMB multipoles: theory and observations
Thursday September 2, 2010


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List of Participants


University Campus     Parma wide view

Tourist info about Parma

TEP timetable      Public trqnsports (in Italian: look for 'Orari e Linee' - campus lines are 7, 14, 21
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International advisory board

V.A. Fateev

Ph. de Forcrand 

eth -Zurich
G. Korchemsky 

G. Isidori  

infn -Rome
M.L. Mangano

G. Marchesini

Milano Bicocca
R. Rattazzi

L. Rezzolla    

 S. Sharpe   

Univ. of Washington - Seattle
M. Staudacher

G. Veneziano   

cern and  Collège de France, Paris

  Organizing Committee

E. Onofri  (Director of the School)
M. Bonini (Univ. and infn-Parma)
M. Fabbrichesi (infn-Trieste and sissa)

Organization and further information
Liliana Superchi
Dipartimento di Fisica - Università degli Studi di Parma
Via G.P. Usberti  - 43100 Parma
Tel: +39 0521 905227 - Fax: +39 0521 905223 

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Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare   

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