Parma  School of Theoretical  Physics


 September 5 - 15, 2006

Parma, Italy


The XV Parma School in Theoretical Physics (formerly Seminario Nazionale di Fisica Teorica)  has been held  on the University Campus from September 5 to 15.  The School aims at promoting a common background in Quantum Field Theory, in its foundational aspects, in its applications to Particle Physics, in current research toward a unified theory. The School consists of academic lectures in the morning, for a total of 40 hours, and afternoon discussion sessions. There is plenty of time for other activities in the Campus of Parma University, sports, culture, local interests. The School, for the first time this year is open to students from all countries. Official language will be English.

This page will be on line even after the School in order to keep the documentation available to everybody.


Strings, D-Branes and Extra Dimensions
(September 5-9)

    P.  Di Vecchia, (Nordita)
   A.  Sagnotti, (SNS-Pisa, CERN, convenor)
   S.  Ferrara (CERN)
   I.  Antoniadis (CERN)
   L.  Griguolo (Parma)
   V.  Rychkov (Scuola Normale Sup., Pisa)

  • string theory, orientifolds and model building
  • gauge-gravity correspondence
  • higher spins
  • black holes and attractors
  • topological strings and Black Holes


Physics at LHC: new methods and MonteCarlos 
(September 11-15)

  D. Kosower  (Saclay)
  F. Maltoni (Louvain)
S. Dittmaier (Max-Planck, Munchen)
G. Passarino

  • New Formal Developments in QFT
  • LHC Physics and Monte Carlos
  • Radiative Corrections for ILC
  • Two-Loop Renormalization in the Making


Info: how to reach Parma 
Info: lodging and registration
Info: Parma, the city 

Orienteering in Parma via Google Maps
  • Centro S. Elisabetta
  • Residenza S. Ilario
  • University Campus
  • Parma wide view

    bus service in Parma

    Hikes on  the Appennini: Sunday, September 10 (the range of Monte Matto - Monte Aquila), easy, requires boots and light protection against showers.
    Orient yourself:  The province of Parma

      Parco dei Cento laghi 

    Detailed Map  of the Appennini hike

    (courtesy of "Parco del Gigante, Appennino reggiano, parmense e Lunigiana", Edizioni Multigraphic, Firenze)

    And the same region from the satellite.

    Organization and further information
    Liliana Superchi
    Dipartimento di Fisica - Università degli Studi di Parma
    Via G.P. Usberti  - 43100 Parma
    Tel: +39 0521 905259 - Fax: +39 0521 905223 

    Scientific board: 

    A.  Bassetto  (Padova) - C.  Becchi  (Genova) - M.  Ciafaloni  (Firenze) - F. Feruglio (Padova)
    F.  Gliozzi  (Torino), M. Mangano (CERN), A.  Masiero  (Sissa), G.  Marchesini  (Milano, chairman),  P.  Menotti  (Pisa)
    F.  Nicodemi  (Napoli), G.  Ridolfi  (Genova), G.  Veneziano  (CERN)

    E. Onofri,
    Director of the School

    Si ringraziano per il supporto finanziario:

    Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

    Università di Parma

    PRIN 2004023950 Ministero della Ricerca

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