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Celestial mechanics with Matlab
Teaching numerical analysis for physicists is a good opportunity for examining old problems under a new viewpont.
Here you can find a matlab code to make experiments in celestial mechanics. The three-body system Sun-Earth-Moon has a complex dynamics. Today it can be studied in detail on the time scale of millennia through
the efficient routines of matlab (ode113, ode45). The problem of stability of a satellite at the lagrangian point
L4, which has been solved in the restricted case (namely by ignoring sun's attractioncan be easily investigated. The numerical evidence is that the satellite would be unstable, running away on a solar orbit in less than two years.
(see Comp. in Science and Engineering, november issue 2001)

 Source code can be downloaded from in Celestial mechanics with matlab (in tar.gz format, 0.7MB)
(warning: requires matlabr11 (v.5.3) or higher 6.0, 6.1)  or, if you prefer, you can browse the directory and download single files.