Pino's workshop of

Computational Physics


Enrico Onofri (INFN, Parma)
Claudio Destri (Milano Bicocca University and INFN)

A lightweight blog on computational  (theoretical) physics.
Our simple message: solving Physics problems on the computer is fun!

Here you will find a suite of topics in classical and quantum physics. Problems are presented with our favourite strategies of attack. It is a case-study approach, no systematics. In the section Challenges some (partially) open problems will be suggested for the delight of the active reader. Readers are warmly encouraged to suggest their own problems, by sending a message to one of the coordinators.
Main programming language is
Matlab with occasional recourse to Wolfram's Mathematica or Vermaseren's form .

Programs and Documentation


This site is dedicated to the memory of our mentor, collaborator and friend 

Giuseppe (Pino) Marchesini

Pino al

       He has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement along many (30++) years.

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    More on Pino's scientific activity can be found in the proceedings of the 
    Cortona meeting "Pino2012"

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